How to register

First, please note that in case the compulsory personal data provided from the Exhibitors were wrong, incomplete, fictitious or non-existent, even during a subsequent control, MIR S.r.l. will preserve the right without giving any prior notice not to activate, to suspend or to terminate the Service in any moment without prejudice to the possibility to take legal action in any courts to protect their own rights and interests.
The registration of a “New User” on the portal can be carried out both as a natural and legal person.
The Exhibitor concerned to carry out the registration is requested to click on the button “REGISTER”, to choose in the dialog box the right category and to fill in the registration form. Subsequently, the Exhibitor is required to confirm:

  • the approval of the privacy regulations;
  • to have read in full the “Terms and conditions”, the “Registration requirements” and “How to register”..

In the registration form
Natural persons are required to insert:

  • an identification document (identity card, passport, driving licence);
  • a profile picture;
  • a short CV for the profile.

Legal persons are required to insert:

  • Company and/or firm’s logo;
  • Chamber of commerce company registration and/or an equivalent document;
  • a short CV for the profile.

After having received the filled in forms and the required information, MIR. S.r.l. will send to the Exhibitor an email with the authorization to access the portal within one working day in order to have the possibility to register the instruments on the portal
The Exhibitor will be allowed a reasonable period to register the instruments built during the previous years. Once the time is expired, the annual limitation will come into play according to the category and instruments have to be registered as detailed below.
How to register bowed/ plucked string instrument
It is requested to insert for each instrument 3 high-definition photos (front/back/head-headstock) in order to recognize it unequivocally. It is highly appreciated if professional photos will be inserted.
In case of low-resolution photos MIR guarantees neither the correct printing of the certificate nor an appropriate view on the portal.

Concerning the instruments inserted by the maker luthier, it is requested that the instruments comply with the deontological principles of handcrafted manufacturing. If those principles are flagrantly violated, the data entries may be deleted at the discretion of MIR.
For the registration of new instruments, the luthier is obliged to respect the following annual limit.
12 violins and violas - 10 cellos - 8 double basses - 15 guitars - 80 bows

How to register Guitars/bass guitars

It is requested to insert for each instrument 3 high-definition photos with the same features as specified above in the section of bowed/plucked string instruments.
The maximum annual limit is 15.

How to register wind instruments and keyboard

The above conditions concerning the quality of the photos shall also apply in this case.
The maximum annual limit is 20 instruments for builders of this kind of instrument.
It shall be possible to clearly identify the instrument through the photos uploaded. The same criteria stated above will be applied.

Consultation for visitors

People interested just in consultation shall access from the button “REGISTRATION” and fill in the application form. The new user will be entitled for the consultation.




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