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For many years the world of handcrafted musical instruments has been confronted with the problem of the certain identification and authenticity of musical instruments, with particular reference to those of recent construction.

MIR - Musical Instrument Register was therefore born from the idea of ​​creating a present and future protection system, with essential information to identify a certain contemporary artisan musical instrument in a certain and indisputable way, through information coming from the manufacturers themselves, which they can enter directly into the portal. their instruments, through good definition images accompanied by historical and technical information. In fact, only the authors of the instruments themselves will guarantee their authorship, origin and construction characteristics.

In this way the musical instruments inserted on the MIR portal will be verified through:

  • the usual certificates produced by the authors;
  • a unique code and a QR-code provided by the portal that will connect directly to the page of the instrument inserted by the manufacturer on the site;
  • as a further protection service, MIR is pleased to offer a technology that will allow you to independently verify the authenticity and history of any musical instrument registered on the portal, through an anti-counterfeiting TAG, which can be inserted into the instrument and read via a smartphone or tablet, which will connect to the page of the instrument itself, without downloading any application.

The anti-counterfeiting  anti-counterfeiting TAGs, an accessory paid service, will be able to guarantee data retention for a long time and, once written, cannot be modified.

Musical Instrument Register

only contemporary handcrafted instruments



MIR also has a section dedicated exclusively to public and private collections, aimed at guaranteeing the authenticity and provenance of the instruments that are part of it.

For each of them, cards can be created on the portal that will illustrate their characteristics and history also through films, articles and publications.

For the tools on display, both the QRCode, for those kept in display cases, as well as the TAG, for the "free" ones, will play an important role, allowing the visitor to see their characteristics at the same time directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Upon explicit request and for a fee for the service provided MIR is also available, in order to provide the following services:
  • Assistance and general advice in the evaluation, identification and cataloging of information, including graphic and photographic components, published on the mirwebsite.eu website; 
  • Cataloguing service for private and public collections with the possibility to provide evaluations, estimations, pictures of instruments of all kinds;
  • Advice for the protection and maintenance of the instruments;
  • Generation and printing service of a QRCode on a special adhesive paper, for each single instrument inserted;
  • Cataloging services for private and public collections for which we are able to provide appraisals, estimates, photographs of instruments of any kind;
  • Advice on protection and maintenance of instruments;
  • Insurance consulting.

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