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Musical Instrument Register aims at creating a protection service for the present and the future, providing necessary information to identify clearly and unambiguously a handcrafted contemporary musical instrument through information provided by the makers themselves. The musical instruments will be verified through certificates produced by the authors and/or a unique code and a QR-code provided by MIR.
As a further protection service, MIR is pleased to offer a technology which is able to verify with complete independence the authenticity and the history of any musical instrument of the portal through an Anti-Counterfeiting TAG. Without downloading any applications, the TAG will be read by a smartphone or a tablet and it will be possible to be connected to the portal.
Through the additional payment service of Anti-Counterfeiting TAGs it is possible to ensure the retention of data on a long-term basis.

Musical Instrument Register

only contemporary handcrafted instruments



The world of handcrafted musical instruments has been facing for many years the problem of the identification and authenticity of musical instruments, especially for the newly built ones.
Luthiers and makers will have the possibility to register their instruments through good quality images providing historical and technical information. The portal will automatically generate an ID code and a QR-Code to connect the instrument inserted to the site.
MIR is aimed at verifying the identity of the instrument maker who inserts instruments on the portal and is the only person responsible for guaranteeing its authorship, origin and construction features.
After having registered the instrument it will be possible for the luthier or maker to receive a certificate with all the instrument features and the QR code and/or the electronic tag.
It will soon be available a special section of certificates of authenticity also for ancient instruments accredited by internationally renowned luthiers or bow makers with experience that have joined the portal.
MIR is also available in order to provide the following services:
  • Cataloguing service for private and public collections with the possibility to provide evaluations, estimations, pictures of instruments of all kinds;
  • Advice for the protection and maintenance of the instruments;
  • Insurance consulting.



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